I envy this guy


I always had a passion for computers and programming but, due to a series of reasons, never ended up following that. I can excuse myself with some stuff, like the fact that I could never meet people who shared my interest, or that the place where I grew up in wasn’t the best to follow on that, but those are just excuses. And I think I have naturally found other stuff that I’m better at than programming, so maybe all turned out for the best.

But still, I can’t help but feel a slight sting (which, in the wise words of Mr. Marcellus Wallace, is just “pride f*****’ with me”) when I hear stories like these, because I would love to be the one creating cool stuff.

Not that I am not – some incredibly cool stuff is just around the corner, and I’ve played a major part on that – but I’m simply not able to do it in the role of the programmer which, at least to me, is as (or even more) creative than that of the person who came up with the idea to be implemented.

Oh well, no crying over spilled milk.


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