My interest about Pinterest

Is zero. Null.

Yeas, it seems to be all the rage right now with a particular demographic (which apparently is mine – oh the surprise!)

But I’ve seen a lot. What does Pinterest have over Tumblr, except for the layout? And this is just one example.

Using the internet is ceasing to be about the thrill of discovery and active participation, and it is turning into some kind of interactive television.

Sign up, and get feed directly in the mouth! Better! Get feed intravenously. It sickens me.

And what’s worse is that there is no unity. There is no integration. Services pop up here and there, like mushrooms. Ten years ago, you connected, checked your e-mail, and then you were free to search and discover what you wanted. Today, I wake up and have to check my e-mail, then my twitter, read all the articles on my RSS, see the news on Facebook, and now they want me to go and Pin stuff.

No thanks. Enough is enough. There is still space on the internet for innovative things, sure! Just create something that solves a problem for me. A real problem. Wikipedia for example – going to libraries to get information was not convenient. So Wikipedia is great.

But Pinterest… it gets the worst out of everything, I feel. But this is probably just me – i abhor popular culture, I don’t care about your sneakers, and I certainly couldn’t care less about that beautiful dress you just saw.

Maybe it is just me, but I like to search. I want to get what I want, and I really don’t care about what YOU want. I want to buy something? I’ll search for that. Go to some different sites, get some different feels and experiences of the product.

Humanity is slowly losing their ability to explore, and that saddens me. It used to be the case, in the early days, that kids would spend hours at their computers learning how they worked, what they could do with them, expanding their limits. Now kids turn them on and check Facebook and, apparently, Pinterest.

A computer should be a bicycle for the mind. Not a couch with a view.


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