Interesting, but…

I don’t know nothing about what he’s saying. Well, I “know” what he is saying. I just don’t know enough of the science backing it up, so it could all be completely false. I just don’t know.

But, for the sake of it, let’s suppose he is saying the truth.

What does that entail? No idea. Yeah, you can see your brain. And? By seeing the patterns, you can’t change a thing. Yeah, I can see that by writing, this part of my brain is activated. And? That won’t make me write better. You can’t turn on and off parts of your brain just by willing it.

So yeah, we will get to know exactly what part of the brain does what. Big deal, we already know that, to a great extent. But we won’t be able to change a thing about it without external intervention, be it either through drugs or invasive procedures.

I guess i don’t get what he’s saying.


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