And yet again…


Want my opinion about my own demographic? Well, you are reading this so, tough luck, you are going to get it.

It is stupid.

Share, share, share. Look at me, I’m so cool, with all my pictures on Facebook and my great interests and lots of friends.

We have turned into a bunch of fake posers. That is the sad reality. People are blogging without ANYTHING to say, people are commenting without ANY insightful remarks, people are e-mailing just because they saw something they found funny or smart, but isn’t one or the other to any person of normal intelligence that sits down and thinks about it for more than 2 minutes.

I know it all: all the services, all the behaviours, all the trends. Post a pseudo-artistic photo (taken with your DSLR camera you don’t even know how to use unless it’s in automatic mode) with some pseudo-deep thoughts written on top of it, and reap in the comments.

Be an individual! By taking pictures of yourself with a duck face, or by reflecting your image of your beautiful bathroom mirror. Classy.

Just put your word out there! Even if your word are as worthless and a product of society as yourself.

There is no real originality anymore. Attention spans of goldfish, we wander from place to place, in the real world and on the internet.

And what’s the purpose?


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