Maybe it will work for you

Don’t count on me though.

This is just wrong. Maybe it works, but, very sincerely, I don’t care. Because that is just not what I believe in.

All the companies I admire (which, by the way, are all in the domain of informatics – guess what I like) have a completely opposite position. Apple, Facebook, Google – they work because they allow their employes a degree of freedom in creating, and the idea of a laid back and free workspace is just much more appealing.

I don’t care if it works, really: it might work sometimes. But I’ve never heard of no genius working 9 to 5. Genius requires madness, requires focusing on creating and forgetting schedules.

Maybe they will be successful with their business model. But guess what: they work in publicity, the cynical creatives that don’t really change anything but perceptions about brands. They can’t create, so they advocate.

I don’t want to be one of those.


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