Kick-Ass presentations

How to give a social presentation in the age of social media?

Well, firstly refer to my previous post about Powerpoint presentations. Read that? Good. Now know that is just for the specific scenario where you will have to use Powerpoint. 90% of the time you are better of doing something completely different.

So what’s different about presenting to a social media heavy audience?

Well, a couple of things, actually:

1- Attention spans. No one wants to see you babble on and on about something uninteresting. Make it cool, make it unique, make it captivating.

2- Google, Wikipedia, etc. If you make a mistake, they WILL know it. So don’t make them. Proof read every fact, every word, back your statements with reputable sources.

3- Live coverage. Everyone in that room will have their laptop, tablet, smart phone. And they will be blogging, tweeting, publishing.

So, the idea is really simple: make it interesting, make it short, make it memorable. And you will have a ton of publicity and coverage.


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