You are the viral sensation

Viral content in which the user plays a central role has been around for quite some time. I remember seeing the first example of this new type of media probably around 2006, by a company called JibJab, that focused on creating template animations for the user to fill with their photos and get a final movie consisting of such varied and silly stuff as having your face in a body model dancing the macarena or at the center of an action movie.

This is just the continuation of that trend: people love to put themselves as the center of the action, and it is really fun to send a video starring you to your friends. What sets this appart is that it is a new kind of story telling, it is serious in its aproach, and it breaks the traditional format of simple animations and silly content.

What better way to warn people about facebook privacy issues and hackers, than by making them the center of a “real” situation where they are the target?

Although with some rough edges still (if you have a photo of a duck as your profile picture, it will appear on the video as the picture the hacker is carrying when travelling to your location to recognize you, which is just idiotic), it boasts incredible productions values for this kind of thing, and is indeed impressive to watch (specially if you have a profile with pictures and information that are pertinent to the content of the video).

All in all I think this is a mark of a begining of a new era, with people taking the lead role and creating their content, starring them, in an ever evolving complexity. With the rise of Social Media content, posted by users, more and more elaborate stories like these are possible, with the idea being that, in the future, when all of your life is stored in the cloud, you could very well make the video of your life in three easy steps.

Interesting, yet scary.


(I apologize in advance for any errors in the posts, but english is not my first language and the spellchecker is not working for some reason)


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