Feeling publicity

Using facts or feelings to advertise?

Basically emotions work better (which is partly explained by the TED talk I adressed in a previews post). The fact is that, behind all the complex rational thinking we are capable of, lies man the animal, with basic emotions and instincts that end up dictating much of his behaviour.

I personaly think that this is gradually changing with the evolution of society and of man as a species – publicity directly targeted at feelings is not as effective as once was, maybe because of the numbing effect produced by being exposed to the same things over and over again. People are increasingly perceptive and cynical, they know that they are being sold to, and they don’t like that.

I personaly hope for a time when publicity will move towards minimalism, not forgeting emotional connections, but focusing on the reasons behind a product and not so much in empty, fabricated, fake feelings in front on a camera. Maybe it is just me, but everytime I see a commercial with happy people, having fun, a perfect world, and then, in the end, the product endorsement, I just reject it at a deep level, it doesn’t ressonate with me. Because it just isn’t real.

Maybe I’m a rare case, but I generally prefer advertisement that’s not really advertisement: just tell me the choices I have in a objective manner, and I’ll choose. Try to sell it to me and you’ll loose me as a client (unless you have an exceptional product, or one with which I identify deeply, and that is extremely rare).


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