It’s not what, it’s why.

A TED talk that I had already seen ages ago, but is always interesting to revisit.

Why are certain companies successful? What makes the right people the right ones?

In a nutshell, the why. Not what they do, not how they do it, but why they do it. It is an interesting perspective (and it really seems to be the case) but, as with all the TED talks, not really very effective in the real world. Because it is a kind of catch-22: if you need to be told this, you can’t use it. You are not the right person. Because the right person always figures things out for himself, even if he doesn’t know it at the time.

No innovator or company has ever become successful by listening to TED talks: that’s not how it works. every innovator listened to himself, and himself only – because he already knew what he want, and couldn’t care less for what others thought.

So yeah, the why is important, very important. But if you didn’t know that already, not as a thought but as an intuitive feeling, you can watch all the TED talks in the world, but you are always going to be a fake.


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