Promoting via Twitter

Paying celebrities to endorse companies through twitter: good or bad?

The opinions vary, but the truth is that, at least in this particular case, there is a clear indication that the tweets are being sponsored. So the question is: why bother? Are the agencies really thinking that, by putting obvious ads on the twitter of some celebrities, they are going to get results?

And the sad part of the story is that maybe they will. I personally don’t believe that it will be anything substantial, but apparently everyone is focusing on advertising through twitter and social media, and that must mean that it has some effect (obviously I can’t know that, because 1- I know nothing about publicity and it doesn’t really interest me and 2- the data is probably confidential).

But the fact is that they are doing it. All things considered, maybe it works. Maybe the general population really buys into it. And if this is the case, it just confirms my views of publicity: it generally just brings the worst out of society.

A celebrity endorses this, so I will buy it? Sometimes i feel ashamed of being human.


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