Technology as a platform for marketing

Technology has seen a dramatic development in the last few years, specially in the field of personal communication devices. And what we have today, wether it be in the form of laptops or smartphones, is a prime platform for marketing.

Companies now have the choice to advertise in new ways that weren’t possible just 5 or 10 years ago. Take Quick Response codes for example: being able to take a photograph of a symbol and get access to information about that product, comments, reviews and, of course, the option to buy it, was science fiction just a few years ago. And this is just one form of high-tech marketing that is starting to see the light of day.

Augmented reality (such as virtual dressing rooms on clothing stores, for example), facial and voice recognition,viral video as a form of marketing, social analytics and social deals (as is the case in services like Groupon) exist today, and will be very important in marketing in the future, replacing the traditional commercial as a major source of publicity.

And finally let’s not forget Hyper Targeting. If it is a reality right now, with Facebook’s OpenGraph, companies will have the capacity to serve extremely targeted ads, that are not only relevant but interesting and attracting to the user who gets to see them, and all of that because the product being advertised will be closely based on the user’s preferences and habits.

The advertisement landscape is changing, and we will certainly see more examples of changes brought to the field from technology advances. What is certain is that this is the way successful campaigns will be made in the future.


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