The power of people

The power to make or break a brand is not in the hands of advertisers – it’s in the hands of people. People who talk about it, people who love it and share it, people whose lives are affected by it: those are the people that make a difference to any brand.

And we can see a clear case of this in this video. Fiskars, a pretty unknown company (although with a history of over 300 years), turned to some of its most loyal and vocal consumers as a mean to spread the word about its products. Through the creation of a group to share experiences related to it, placing those same consumers on stores to give demonstrations of their products and creating a sense of integration, they were able to use their consumers to promote the brand and generate buzz.

This is an interesting case, because it clearly shows that this is the way to go. People like communities, and people like to be part of something. And, as important as that, people like to communicate on a personal level, and they like communication to be a two-way process – which shows why Fiskars’ method is much more effective than any publicity campaign.


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