The like is dying

The best word to describe the new Facebook will be integration – and that means a new challenge to marketeers.

Where in the past brands could make some use (albeit not reaching its full potential) of the social platform by putting up pages and waiting for the likes to roll in, that is about to change with the new version of the popular service. With the profile (and therefore eventually the wall) focusing on being a showcase of the users lives, with tight control over what each user gets to see, brands will have to integrate their products on Facebook Apps and services, as a strategy to get users to see them.

In a sense this will mark the end of static publicity on the site. No more company pages as the only mean of advertisement, because those will go largely unnoticed. Brands will have to attract users by offering to be part of their digital lives, by offering real online services and useful and fun characteristics.

The new Facebook is all about each user’s story, and brands that aspire to be successful on the platform have to strive to be part of that story too.


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