Small marketing is good marketing

If one looked at some of the big companies’ advertisement campaigns, one would probably get the idea that the basis of good marketing lies in big money and big numbers. However that is not (always) the case, as this article points out, highlighting 7 ideas that could come in handy when trying to get the most buzz out of limited resources.

Social media, unsurprisingly, plays a big role: from using social platforms to appeal to new, secondary audiences, to spark and sponsor conversations on the online space, there are a lot of ways to leverage the new opportunities presented by the medium. However, there are also some other great ideas. Changing the format from your traditional marketing to a completely different one (once again with the possibility of integrating it on the social space, for example with application integration), associating with large events to get people’s attention and buzz, or even going back to some people who, for a reason or another, were interested in your product but ended up not buying it are all great ideas.

The main idea in small marketing campaigns, as I see it, is to be original and to do something unexpected, be it on the social media or face to face with potential customers, because that is what will get people talking. And people talking is what leads to sales, more than any million dollars spent on a marketing campaign.



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