Giving back

What makes a shoe company with only 5 years in the market able to sell over one million shoes? The answer is deceptively simple: just give to your public, and your public will want to give something back. And sometimes what they give back is more important than a mere purchase – sometimes they give back a story, and stories are becoming increasingly important in branding.

And this is the story of Toms Shoes: by innovating in the shoe business model by giving one pair for free for each pair of shoes bought, it set itself apart and inspired customers to share their stories and experiences with their product, which in turn fueled the popularity of the company.

And now Blake Mycoskie is taking it one step further with the boke he wrote about his experiences in the business world: not only will he offer a book to children in need for each book sold, but he will also use 50% of the proceeds from the book sales as capital in form of grants to people who need the money to start new business or community projects.

This is the kind of marketing that goes beyond the mere publicity, it actually can make a difference in people’s lives, and that difference will certainly be a huge asset to the company, in the form of positive buzz not only in the media but through the people who benefited from it on the first place.




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