A world of influence

What can we describe as an influencer?

Many answers can be found to this striking question, and you’ll certainly get to a different one depending on whom you ask. Influencers are the people who create trends, the people who change what’s cool, the people who lead so that others can follow – and the ways they use to accomplish that are as varied as themselves. They aren’t even a new phenomenon: influencers have always existed, in one way or another. From the rock star to the famous scientist or philosopher, not forgetting the charismatic politician or the star hollywood actor, influence is everywhere and has been a part of our society from its own beginning.

What has changed, and greatly, is the medium. Now, with the advent of the internet and instant communications, all people can aspire to influence, given that they have the right words and thoughts in the right place and at the right time. The big difference is that reaching a million people today takes days, instead of years. And that really changes the influences flowing in the world – no matter what you do or say, if enough people see you doing it or saying it and if it resonates with them, you become an influencer.

Of course not everything is good here: everything can be exploited in a way or another, and in a world where the power to influence is apparently (but only apparently) in the hands of random people, with no regards for real accomplishments or talent, but instead of their appeal to a certain mass, things are bound to be controversial.

But the question is that it doesn’t matter if that is good or bad – the point is that it is real. And those who learn to really harness the potential of the new communication mediums, will shape, in their way, the world of tomorrow.


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