The man behind the apple

Steve Jobs, hate him or love him, can’t be ignored. And he can’t be ignored because he has something, something that most people on his (ex) position lack – vision.

It takes a pretty extraordinary man to create a technology company, get fired from it, get back during its worst time (conversations about impending bankrupcy worst) and turn it into the most valuable company in the world, all of this during uncertain economic times – and all of this without any degree on any technological or finance fields.

The reason why Apple is so successful has not, as I’ve said before in this blog, anything to do with technology, strictly speaking. Granted they make extraordinary products, they push the boundaries of computing, and they introduce new standards in software and hardware. But the true reason behind Apples success can be resumed to one man’s vision and will.

And sometimes vision is just be able to see the simplest of things – the only catch here is that you have to see the simple things that no one has ever seen before. And the though process of Steve Jobs, of thinking products not just as means to make a profit but as magic things he would love to use everyday was the vision that made all the difference.

His obsession with simplification and clean design was just a proof of this idea: take aside all the distractions and learning curve so that the user can focus on the experience of actually using the product. And this idea captured consumers, first with the mac, and then with the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad.

What we have to learn from Steve Jobs is not a technical skill or decision-making process: it is the intuition, the efficiency and pleasure that come with carefull yet simple aesthetics, the ability to know what the future you will want to use and be.

And that kind of thing, in my opinion, can’t be taught.


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