Brands should be human (for their own benefit!)

As this article points out, the secret for success marketing has been changing into a more humane approach, with costumers valuing spontaneity, honesty and a little bit of humour as important parts of their favourite brands.

There are numerous cases of publicity campaigns that, instead of just spamming away costumers with huge “BUY NOW!” screams for attention, focus on other aspects, infusing company values and highlighting their position in various aspects as means of generating empathy with their costumers. Even more interesting, some successful campaigns have even gone as far as to point out some not-so-good things about the companies responsable for them, in an effort to show compromise to change and to better themselves.

These attitudes usually garner respect and admiration from consumers, offsetting the possibly risky move of bringing to the light some less than good aspects in the company.

The article finishes with what could very well be the reason why this kind of marketing works: the fact is that humans are ready and eager to communicate and share experiences with other humans, and not with cold corporate money-making machines, thus when a company assumes human traits and positions, it will attract people in ways it could never achieve otherwise.


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