The definition of influence

Twitter has definitely brought down the walls in communication, specially between the so-called influencers and the vast masses, simultaneously allowing pretty accurate tracking of information exchange.

This is still the main attractive of twitter: the ability, not only to follow, but to reply and interact directly with people who would be otherwise unreachable. And the apparently imitating 140 only help the conversation – as Twitter’s creator Jack Dorsey put it, the truth is that most of the value of the message is not provenient from the original creator and his couple of words, but from the recipients, from its followers.

Important to notice as well is the role that microblogging services such as twitter can have not only on the individual but on companies. A well-managed twitter account can and will do wonders for a company image in the long run, because it will allow that company to look humane and caring, two qualities that are being more appreciated in brands with each passing day. The opportunity to give honest replies to complaints and express true gratitude at costumer praise, as well as the quickness of response that such services allow a company to have in a situation of need (such as a surprise announcement, or a warning in case something is wrong with a certain product) is invaluable in today’s society. And the trick to be a successful twitter (not only as a company but as a person too, to some extent) is being communicative and engaging on a personal, head-to-head level.

Above all, and as in any new and not yet completely stable medium, it is important to be relevant and original. Twitter is a very young platform, and as such there is always place for some experimentation and new ways of communication, but the main way of being heard in a positive way is still to say the right thing at the right time.



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