Design Matters

For a long time companies have been focusing in technological innovations and original products as the key methods to expand their markets and fuel sales, leaving questions such as design and user experience relegated to almost an afterthought.

That is starting to change though, as we can see in this article: design is starting to become an integral part of product planning and creation, and the results speak for themselves. In an interesting development, a company started producing bracelets with the intention of turning the newest iPod Nano into a watch, applying to the Apple third-party ecosystem the same though process that Apple itself was applying to their products from day one: carefull design and user centric usability as the major components of a successful product.

But the innovation in this new product doesn’t stop at design, as it as also harnessed the power of web 2.0, through a new collaborative funding website named kickstart, to raise the much needed money to get the project up and running. Just stop for a minute to realize what this means: today it is possible to, with a good and original idea, get to the market quickly and effectively, and as long as you think about the user as the center piece of your product, chances are that your company will be successful.

Markets are all about getting an edge over competition, of differentiating yourself from the pack, and getting users excited about your products, and this is where design comes in. When in the past it was though of as some extra advantage or just the factor through wich you could claim to be unique or superior, now it is becoming an intrinsic part of who you are and what you do, an integral part of your product, and not so much the differentiating factor as the your identity itself.

Good design should never be overlooked, because in a world of fierce competition and short-term memory, you need something to speak for your company and your products, and to do so in a powerful and loud way. And what better thing to do that than (through carefull and good design) your products themselves?


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